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When pay rises by less than our bills, we’re all getting poorer. But rising prices don’t have to push people into poverty. It’s the government’s choice. To end the pay crisis we need pay rises. Together we rise because together we can win. Join our fight.

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Every day, working people are unable to keep the lights on in their own homes or feed their families. Take action now to end the cost of living scandal.

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UNISON is the UK’s biggest trade union. That’s a massive voice that can make decision-makers and politicians sit up and listen.

It’s your voice, speaking on your behalf and making sure that what matters to you matters to them. So, we need you to get involved in this campaign.

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Everyday UNISON is out there making working life better for our members. Whether you work in public services, or for private companies providing public services, we are in your corner.

Join us today and get the essential cover that being a member of the UK’s biggest trade union gives you. In your workplace, in pay discussions, at meetings with politicians – we’ve got your back.

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Use our pay calculator to see what pay rise you would need to keep up with prices or top bosses’ pay.

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Let’s rise together to end the Cost of Living crisis.

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