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The biggest drop in living standards on record. The average family more than £1,000 worse off. 1.3 million people pushed into absolute poverty.

We want to hear how you are coping with rising bills and pay that’s not keeping up. You are not alone. This cost of living crisis is affecting people right across the UK who never expected to struggle to pay their bills.

By sharing your story with UNISON you are helping us to help you. The evidence you give us will be used to make the case for better pay to employers and government. More evidence makes a stronger case. Rise with us – let’s tackle the cost of living crisis together.

I’m constantly living in fear of the next bill rise or rise in food and petrol bill. Currently my family is living hand to mouth.

If prices keep going up I would be in danger of losing my beautiful home that I have worked so hard for.

Having to skip lunch and only having two meals a day. Put extra layers on as the electricity bills have gone up too much.

Many of my colleagues have to have a second job to cover their bills, this is just wrong.

Let’s rise together to end the Cost of Living crisis.

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