On this page, you will find different useful resources that can help you in achieving better results when discussing pay and working conditions with your employer.

Bargaining Guides

Working hours

This guide is intended to assist negotiators in bargaining over the key features of working hour arrangements. It includes guidance on reducing the working week, preventing working patterns that have a discriminatory impact, working during unsocial hours, and other topics regarding the hours staff have to work at your workplace.

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National Minimum Wage

The National Minimum Wage is the legally enforceable minimum hourly rate of pay for workers across the UK. This guide seeks to provide materials that assist branches in ensuring that employers comply with the wage and adjust pay structures in a way that maximises benefits across the workforce.

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Living Wage

This guide is designed to assist branches in successfully bargaining to establish the Living Wage as the minimum pay rate in an organisation. It includes bargaining techniques, model letters, and different strategies to make your case for a Living Wage.

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Winning Improved Mileage Rates

This guide is designed to support negotiators seeking an improvement to mileage rates against the background of surging motoring costs, as one of the main features of the general cost of living crisis now hitting UNISON members.

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Pay Claim

Download a Word template of a pay claim so you can update it with your local details and use send it to your employer.

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Bargaining on Annual Pay Rises

Access guidance on bargaining on annual pay rises. The guide includes information on how to keep pace with bargaining according to the increasing cost of living, advice on supplementing a claim through a staff survey, pay claim templates and contextual things to consider when drafting your claim.

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Full List of UNISON Guides

A directory of all the UNISON guides is currently available for download, covering every area of members’ terms and conditions. The guides run from core issues, such as pay, hours, leave and sickness absence, to more specialist areas such as vehicle allowances or hot desking. The model documents provide “off-the-shelf” agreements, surveys and letters, that can be adapted to local bargaining priorities.

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