Five actions

We know it’s tough. Bills are rising – making it more expensive to heat your home and feed and clothe your family. And no matter how many hours or how hard you work, it’s almost impossible to make ends meet.

That’s where we come in. Because when the going gets tough having UNISON in your corner can really make a difference.

Sign the petition

Let’s show the government that we are serious about dealing with the low pay crisis. You’ll be joining thousands of UNISON members who have already added their signatures.

Share on social

Let’s work together to get more signatures and apply more pressure on the Government.

Join a meeting

Go along to your next branch meeting and find out what is happening where you work.

Volunteer to help

Get active in the campaign by volunteering to help your local branch. You can support with putting up posters, setting up a stall in your workplace or simply handing out leaflets.

Speak to a colleague

Spread the word by asking colleagues to sign the petition and encourage then to join UNISON, helping to make our voice even stronger.

Let’s rise together to end the Cost of Living crisis.

Get Active