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Being together in UNISON gives you a voice and a platform you can’t have alone.

When we ask you to get involved, you’re not doing it alone. There are hundreds of thousands of UNISON members doing the same thing. We support, campaign, speak and rise together.

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Every day, working people are unable to keep the lights on in their own homes or feed their families. It’s the government’s choice. If they can afford to give tax breaks to the mega-rich, they can afford to pay workers fairly.

Take action now to end the cost of living scandal.



UNISON is the UK’s biggest trade union. That’s a massive voice that can make decision-makers and politicians sit up and listen.

It’s your voice, speaking on your behalf and making sure that what matters to you matters to them. So, we need you to get involved in this campaign.

Take Action

Success stories

Nationally we are campaigning hard for an above inflation pay rise for all public sector workers to help deal with increasing costs. We are also asking for an immediate increase in the national minimum wage to £15 an hour because no one should be on poverty pay.

But it’s not only nationally where we can make a difference. What we do together locally often leads to more money in people’s pockets.

Share your story

We want to hear how you are coping with rising bills and pay that’s not keeping up. You are not alone. This cost of living crisis is affecting people right across the UK who never expected to struggle to pay their bills.

By sharing your story with UNISON you are helping us to help you. The evidence you give us will be used to make the case for better pay to employers and government. More evidence makes a stronger case. Rise with us – let’s tackle the cost of living crisis together.

Let’s rise together to end the Cost of Living crisis.

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