More money for miles

In Knowsley UNISON has successfully campaigned for an increase in mileage rates for council staff to help with the increase in petrol prices.

The branch raised their concerns about the mileage rates to HR and that resulted in the Council’s chief executive lobbying the Local Government Association to get the mileage rate increased.

While the branch welcomed this move, they also made it clear that they wanted Knowsley Council to increase mileage rates for their staff.

Working with other unions they threatened to raise a formal grievance, a move supported by the vast majority of members. With that support behind them they were able to go to local councillors with information about how members were struggling to meet rising costs and were prepared to fight for better mileage rates. This enabled UNISON to negotiate a better deal for all car users in the council when they were told that not only would the council be reinstating full green book mileage rates on a temporary basis until April 2023 but they would be paying everyone on the highest possible rate! This meant a 38% increase in car mileage across the board for essential and non-essential car users alike.

Let’s rise together to end the Cost of Living crisis.

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