Helping in tough times

UNISON in North Cumbria has been talking about mileage rates after members raised their concerns about costs with the union. An issue brought home when one member said she was faced with the choice of putting petrol in her car or feeding her family.

The union raised the issue at their monthly partnership meeting with senior management and held meetings with teams in the community who were massively affected by this issue. The branch also used Facebook so members could get in touch with their stories which were then taken to management to show how this issue was affecting staff. Management took this on board and acted swiftly resulting in a 10.9% increase in mileage rates for staff for three months.

UNISON’s action has gone far beyond mileage rates though. The management team have now approached the union looking for ideas around helping members faced with hardship due to the increase in the cost of living.

Currently we are looking at the possibility of creating warm spaces for members families and members of the public, subsidised meals for members and their families and at how we can organise discreet foodbank access on hospital sites for members.
This is a really good example of how action by the union is helping communities as well as UNISON members.

Let’s rise together to end the Cost of Living crisis.

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